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OK......My sister works with Maria (whom I've never met); however she has followed my every post and is generally concerned about my well being and is wondering why I haven't posted in several weeks. Maria the simple answer is because there has really been no change. My last post I was complaining about no saliva and a sore tongue. Still no saliva and I actually think my tongue is more sore (which I didn't know was even possible). I have a PT Scan in August and i assure you there will be a post after I here the results back from the scan. I would appreciate if all my blogger buddies would reach out and say hey to Maria and my big sister Pam for all the support they have shown me. Definitely appreciated.
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Hey maria!! Mission accomplished
Hey Maria thanks for caring but at times there really isnt crap to write about hope all is well with you though and big sis hey alls good
Hi Maria, Yea, Mike is correct, sometimes things do not change and if he is like me, if things do get worse (as in the tongue) sometimes we wait to tell about it, in hopes that it will get better and we don't ahve to talk abot it!!! My tongue still hurts! Trying an RX in hope it will make it somewhat better. Hi Pam, Thanhs for keeping watch over James.
Thanks for the support!!
Hello Maria and Pam, Good job-good job!!! Keep up the good looking out! Pen
Hi Maria & Big Sis! Hi James! I have the tongue, saliva problem too :( I still have fatigue... How is your energy level?
Hey Karen my energy level is coming back; however if I spend any time in the sun on a hot day I'm drained pretty quick.
hi Maria and Pam!! my saliva is gettin better,my throat gettin tighter,but no thrush..and i cant sing ..but im gonna try cold food before my all you guys!
Glad about your saliva. I sure miss mine:) My throat is tight and I've got lymphedema, not too happy bout it but trying (I said "trying")to be positive. I've been trying to look at the good things that are happening but sometimes I am just not "the half full" kind of girl! Hey Buddy, do you still use your PEG tube?? love u back!
Hi Maria & Pam.... love & support like yours makes a difficult situation a lot easier to deal with. Like James I am fortunate to have a similar support system . James - regarding the tongue - my tongue is still half numb - feels like I burnt it and has on taste buds on one side - being now told I have Lingual Nerve Damage from the neck dissection. On the brighter side my recent MRI & PET Scans show No Recurrence of the cancer .
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