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Been About A Year

Things are much better this year than they were this time last year.

My ENT says I'm doing great and didn't even want to do the traditional 1 year scan. I was almost looking forward to the scan just for the assurance that all is as good as they appear.

Eating is "OK". Steaks and BBQ ribs are simply out of the question. Breads can be done in small pieces with liquid. Spicy food burns from the tip of my tongue to where my tonsils used to be. Even catsup is tough. All I taste of fountain drinks is the carbonate which taste like alka seltzer. Nothing really taste "normal" but you adapt and go on and it's not a big deal anymore. When people ask me "how's the food? I just say great and go on because no one can understand BUT US. I was always a SLOW eater...........now I'm slow in slow motion.

Feeling great. My weight is up to 150 which seems to be a good place for me. Swimming and biking again almost like pre-cancer days.

I wont forget where I was this time last year and I feel for those who are struggling with re-occurrences or just beginning their journey.




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Great to hear! I am three weeks post throat cancer treatment. Need I say more? I hate to wish my life away but can't wait to get rid of thick mucous!
It's the worst bit at the moment Larry, hang in there
I so hear ya! I am 17 months out, and I actually saw my Rad Onc today. It was a good exam and we talked again how this recovery is measured in years and not months. I'd say my taste is 90% back, but I also have issues with carbonation. In my case, my Onc said due to the radiation and my (bad) allergies, that keeps the throat irritated and why the carbonation feels like it does. He said to keep trying every so often and that it will get better. I also have trouble with meat. I think its the lack of saliva so it just never breaks down right. I did have meatloaf tonight and it was delish! Sending you hugs on your good news!
Great to hear positive stuff. It does get easier every day but sometimes it's so subtle that you need to look back like you have. Onwards and upwards!
That’s great to hear, lot’s of positive outcomes are what folks need to see who contract this nasty disease…it’s tough but you can get thru it…
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So glad to hear you are doing well. I used to drink diet coke all the time, now can't stand it. I do like seltzer water and feel it helps with the dry issue. I squeeze a lemon slice in it. I know how you feel about the scan. I was so relieved when I got my results. My Dr. told me a good, thorough exam was better than any scan.
Love to hear it...the "going on" part is great to be doing for you. I'd still make sure you have the scan at year anniversary...it does make one feel COMPLETE even for just a while.....
James, I love your profile picture and that big smile. I am 2 years out from end of treatment and just wanted you to know that things do get better, slowly but surely. I have been able to eat enough that I have gained back some of the weight I lost in treatment. The taste comes and goes will me still, I just enjoy what I can on any given day. Today I had a vegetable egg roll and it was good. The rest of our life it will be different than before cancer treatment..we have a choice to adapt or get left in the mire of disappointment. You sound like me..I choose to adapt and enjoy what I can do and eat. God bless you and keep on Warrior!!
I definately understand being a slow eater in slower motion! I still do much better eating slow and small amounts at a time. I'm also glad to see you are active. I haven't gotten that far. For me active is kayaking but not the white water type. It's good eharing from you. Take care, Sandyjo
Welcome to 1 year out! You sound to be in good spirits. I like that your biking and swimming are almost normal. That's fantastic! Stick with the eating. You will eventually get steak and ribs back. I ate my first steak about 6 months out and it was WAR! Now at 16 months out, it is still a challenge. I am praying for you! Let us know when you get your scan results. Scottie
That's great to hear James. Thanks for the update. Been a long journey here too. Been watching from the sidelines with lots of side effects. Would love a big steak without al the goo to get it down for sure!
Great to hear your doing great!!
You're right, James. Nobody could really appreciated our difficulties with eating. But, we are both at the one year mark and I'm so thankful:) As far as the scan, my specialists are practically insisting that I get a PET every year. Are there plans for you to get scans again ever?
Hey Karen........so nice to hear from you. My Oncologist has released me back to my ENT. My ENT is confident that a scan is not necessary unless I have symptoms. I'm good with this. I'll assume that if you have good scans then I'm good also. So you gotta let me know your results.
James, I am so happy for you! Keep up with the positive outlook. :o XOXO
Glad to hear all is going well with you. It only gets better and better. Take care and God Bless.
Happy Birthday!!
I'm glad to hear you are doing great and gaining weight. I agree, taste and swallow are tough ones. Wine still tastes like very strong vinegar! At least chocolate tastes like chocolate! Hugs and prayers that taste will get better (most of mine did), Sandyjo
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Had my 1st appointment with my Ear, Neck and Throat Specialist since he initially informed me I had cancer. He said things are looking good and he wants me to have another PT Scan in 6 months. Overall I'm doing very good. I'm swimming again. Pre-cancer I was able to swim 30 laps without stopping. Now I do 3 laps and have to take about a 30 second break before doing 3 more. Pre-cancer I could do 55 miles on a bike before I'd get pooped and now I'm doing 30 miles. I'm still down 20 pounds from where I started and I'd be pleased if I could add about 10 pounds back. These are not complaints........merely observations. I understand I'm doing much better than many others and I'm thankful for the amount of progress I've made during the past 6 months. My taste comes and goes. I've found out that if I try something spicy that my taste buds seem to go into hiding for a couple days and then slowly return again. Ice cream has absolutely no taste but I eat some almost every night in an attempt to put on some pounds. Throughout everyone's life there are a few events that are impacting enough that you can distinctively remember your life before and after that event. Cancer is obviously one such event and I wish that everyone could come out on the recovery side as well as I have. I know a couple of you are going through treatments right now and you are in my daily prayers.
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I remember when you first got here..I bet you couldn't see an end to it let alone the next day. You have stomped it to pieces and I am always so happy to read your blogs and what they stand for. I am proud for you!
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Your great physical condition prior to treatment is one reason you've responded so well. With your drive you will be back to 55 miles before you know it. My skinny a-- couldn't take 5 miles much less 55 (did you really mean 55?) It's good for those recently diagnosed to see the progress and normal lives we can lead again. So glad for your recovery and to one day soon when you realize Ice Cream Tastes Good Again...
LOL to Nanice . .!! I'm in agreement. You impress me buddy!! Drive on!
Glad to hear you are making good progress, James. The taste will continue to improve. I started brushing my tongue every day and that has helped alot. I continue to lift you up in prayer. Scottie
James, glad to hear you're making progress. It just takes time, time, time. I'm nearly a year to the end of my treatments and eating is still not 100%. But, it still getting better. I really got my strength back over this past summer. I didn't realize how bad off I really was until I worked my way back to a 55 mile bike ride. You'll get there too.
Hi James, you are amazing. You are doing so well and I'm so happy for you! I did go to the gym last week and did a body sculpting class with my 3 lbs weights LOL!!! But, it was fun:) I had acupuncture and my saliva is no better. BUT, I am tasting sweet things almost normally and it is awesome just in time for Halloween. Anyway, keep up the good work. I am rooting for you everyday:) And, happy bday in case I forget! Hugs, Karen:)
Glad to hear you are recovering so well so fast. Sounds like you will be back to normal before you know it. I know the feeling with ice cream and also sweets in general for me, they still have no taste and I am 7and a 1/2 months post treatment. But soon. Keep pedaling and take care.
You are doing wonderful!! Keep on exercising!! I also eat ice cream to try to add pounds. For me, sweet tastes sweeter and salt tastes over saltier! I can't even describe what pineapple tastes like but it is not good!
im still down 60 lbs..ice cream tastes like the box it came in..i can work circles around my compadres..i dont run unless im gettin chased..way to go dude
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 Glenn, you are tooo cute lol:)
New member was reading your bio. and was very inspired by you. I'm sure staying in good shape is always a possitive while dealing with things that aren't pleasant to endure..good luck on getting back to 55 miles.....
Kevin I'll be back to 55+ miles by summer time 2013. Have not read your story yet but will get to it shortly while I wait for my kid to get ready.
You have gone a long way. I am still on my journey. Keep up the good work
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